Business Sciences - Economics Major

Why Economics?

The main reason to opt for a major in economics was my interest in economic structures and linkages. Already during my basic study period I was attracted by the systematic way economists use to structure and analyse complex and abstract problems.

Advantages Of An Economics Major

Besides the rigorous treatment of economic theory one of the major strengths of an economics major is the solid development of quantitative skills and methods like econometric and statistical tools. This combination of theoretical knowledge and analytical skills is essential for the proper analysis and management of the decisions of private businesses, but also government policy.

The primary goal of econometrics is the statistical analysis of causal relationships. Therefore the methods and tools one acquires in the course of the respective econometrics courses can also be applied to a broad range of non-economic problems and questions.

A significant number of courses of the department of economics is taught in English. This fosters the proficiency of the English language and it accentuates the international orientation of the studies.

Diploma Thesis
Title: Consumers' Price Elasticities In Price Comparison Websites
Grade: First class Honors


  • First diploma examination passed with distinction
  • Second diploma examination passed with distinction
  • Exchange student at Trinity College Dublin